31 Year Prosecutor Announces for Cook County State’s Attorney

CHICAGO – Attorney Christopher E. K. Pfannkuche today formally announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Cook County State’s Attorney. Pfannkuche served for almost 31 years as a criminal prosecutor in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office from 1981 through 2011, rising to the level of Trial Supervisor in the Criminal Felony Review Unit. Pfannkuche also served as a criminal prosecutor with the Macon County State’s Attorney’s Office and as an Assistant Special Independent Prosecutor with the Special Independent Prosecutor’s Office. A published author, licensed Private Detective and licensed Pilot, Pfannkuche taught college for 12 years, holds the rank of Captain and Legal Officer in the C.A.P., U.S. Air Force, Auxiliary and conducts police training programs.

“As the next Cook County State’s Attorney my first and constant priority will be to always seek justice,” said Pfannkuche. “As the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated: ‘An Injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.’”

A seasoned courtroom prosecutor, Pfannkuche served almost two decades in the felony trial division. He also served in the Public Integrity/Official Misconduct Unit, the Financial Crimes Unit and the Homicide/Sex Offense Unit. Pfannkuche has argued before the Illinois Appellate Court and has been sworn in to practice in the federal courts and the United States Supreme Court. He has served on the executive boards of multiple bar associations, as well as on Judicial Evaluation Committees.

“As State’s Attorney I will vigorously prosecute the most violent criminals. The senseless, out of control gun violence and rampant drug dealing that plagues our communities MUST STOP NOW! These crimes have the greatest impact on public safety,” said Pfannkuche. “I will immediately initiate extensive Community Outreach programs and Youth Ambassador programs to directly work with communities to help stop crimes in our communities before they occur.” We must get involved with our youth before the gangs get to them.”

“Our citizens are fed up with the blatant public corruption in Cook County. I will increase efforts to prosecute public corruption because it has the greatest impact on public morale. People are tired of Cook County being nationally known as ‘Crook’ County, ranking among the most politically corrupt county governments in the nation. If you are a public official who committed an act of public corruption I will prosecute you for violating the public trust and for breaking the law. I don’t care who you are or how much clout you have. We have to re-establish public trust in the criminal justice system. It is sad when elected city and county officers responsible for safeguarding court records, and even the heads of our school systems have been and are, themselves, under investigation for public corruption,” said Pfannkuche.

“I will be tough, yet smart on crime. Statistics have proven that mass incarceration is not the answer. It actually results in higher crime rates. Therefore, I will return discretion to my courtroom prosecutors to make greater use of deferred prosecution programs on qualified non-violent offenders. This will give first offenders a second chance, reduce the burden and financial drain on our overburdened criminal justice system, make our criminal justice system more efficient and save taxpayers money,” said Pfannkuche.

“The State’s Attorney’s Office MUST take a more significant and smarter lead in fighting crime!” Pfannkuche exclaimed.

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